Sebastian Klinger was born in Switzerland in 1993 and very early developed a strong interest for the art of telling stories through moving pictures. What started as a family project became his own company ‘Klingerfilms’ with which he produced numerous short films, commercials and other award-winning fiction work. However, he now intends to focus more on his initial passion, which is cinematography as the art of bringing a story to life with images. Besides that, Sebastian has also developed a strong interest in the post production process of a film including editing and the implementation of visual effects to further enhance the story.

Sebastian has shot many films with clients all over Switzerland and successfully participated in numerous Swiss film festivals. Several large projects have recently shaped his development to a professional cinematographer, above all a crime web series called ‘Cassian’, a full-length feature film named ‘Zoe’ and the comedy web series ‚Eine z’viel‘.

After his studies at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Chur with focus on film and tv production, he now feels eager to dive into the world of professional film production and wouldn’t exclude another study in the field of Cinematography abroad. Recently, the newest short film he worked on, ‚Sew Torn‘ has been acquired by Fox Searchlight and will be released on their channels soon.

Winner Best Student Film Beverly Hills Film Festival 2018 The Father of Art
Winner Calcutta International Film Festival 2017 Contrasts of Peru
Winner Around International Film Festival 2017 Contrasts of Peru
Semi-Finalist Los Angeles Cine Fest Gifted
Nomination ‚Best Cinematography‘ Ouchy Film Awards 2017 Gifted
Official Selection Edi.14 | Schweizer Werbefilmpreis 2014 Tarzan&Jane: Never say no
Audience Award Academy Shorts 2015 CHAIRITY
Winner Multimedia Festival Lenzerheide 2014 CHAIRITY
2nd Award Ostschweizer Filmwettbewerb 2013 Pius G.
2nd Award swiss.movie Festival Region 3 2013 Schachmatt
3rd Award Concours Mondial UNICA Fieberbrunn 2013 Decision
‚Best Camera‘ Award
Concours Mondial UNICA Fieberbrunn 2013 Decision
Winner 1. Jugendfilmwettbewerb Amriswil 2012 Decision
Winner swiss.movie Festival National 2013 Decision
3rd Award
swiss.movie Festival Region 3 2013 Decision
Winner Clubwettbewerb CFVA St.Gallen 2012 Decision
Winner Clubwettbewerb CFVA St.Gallen 2011 Made in Switzerland
Winner swiss.movie Festival National 2013 Sabre Dance
2nd Award
Clubwettbewerb CFVA St.Gallen 2010 Phaistos
Winner 25h-Filmwettbewerb St.Gallen 2010 Plan C
Special Award Jugendfilmfestival upcoming FILMMAKERS Luzern 2009 Brennender Stein
3rd Award
Clubwettbewerb CFVA St.Gallen 2009 Brennender Stein
Winner Schweizer Jugendfilmtage Zürich 2009 Top Secret
Special Award Schweizer Jugendfilmtage Zürich 2008 Der Smaragd von Cortez
Special Award Slam-Movie-Night St.Gallen 2007 Der Smaragd von Cortez
Winner upcoming FILMMAKERS Luzern 2006 Der Chip der Macht
Golden Dragon
Video- & Filmfestival Spiez 2007 Der Chip der Macht
3rd Award
Schweizer Jugendfilmtage Zürich 2007 Der Chip der Macht
Special Award
Schweizer Jugendfilmtage Zürich 2005 Der Schatz des Marsupicoatl
22.03.16 DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD „Fox Searchlight Acquires Sew Torn
22.03.16 ROLLING STONE „Fantastic Negrito – The Duffler“
22.03.16 CULT CRITIC FILM MAGAZINE „Contrasts of Peru“
22.03.16 BOBO VILLE MAGAZIN „Peru und seine Facetten“
22.03.16 ST.GALLER TAGBLATT „Ein LSD-Trip für Hollywood“
17.03.16 THURGAUER TAGBLATT „Projekt «Zoe»: In Arbon ist heute Filmdreh“
29.10.14 BÜNDNER TAGBLATT „Mysteriöse Mordserie in Graubünden“
22.09.14 RADIO GRISCHA Cassian-Dreh
14.02.14 ZOOM – Das Magazin der Filmemacher „Abenteuer in der Ostschweiz“
20.12.13 SAITEN Kulturmagazin „Krokodile und Möwenpuppen“
30.12.12 ST.GALLER TAGBLATT „Jungtalente im Zentrum“
07.03.11 MIGROS-MAGAZIN „Spielbergs aus Guggeien“
05.05.10 ST.GALLER TAGBLATT „Kurz und bündig – kreativ und pfiffig“
25.11.09 ST.GALLER TAGBLATT „Spezialpreis für Jungfilmer“
01.09.09 20 MINUTEN „Mit 17 schon ein Meisterregisseur“
15.04.09 ST.GALLER TAGBLATT „Bitter-Clip und Agententhriller“
28.03.09 ST.GALLER TAGBLATT „Nachgefragt: Wie ein Traum, der wahr wird“
15.03.09 BLICK „Springende Panther“ in Zürich verliehen“
15.03.09 TINK.CH „And the Panther goes to…“
07.01.09 ST.GALLER TAGBLATT „Familienferien am Filmset“
31.01.08 ST.GALLER TAGBLATT „St.Galler Dschungelkrimi nominiert“
13.12.06 ST.GALLER TAGBLATT „Tüftler mit Laserschwert“
18.04.05 ST.GALLER TAGBLATT „Publikumspreis an junge St.Galler“

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